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Green Tree Medicinals offers organic, soil-grown, top-shelf medical marijuana to patients across the Front Range. We are now proudly offering recreational marijuana at our Northglenn location to in state and out of state residents 21 years of age and older. This family run company was founded in October of 2009 in Boulder, Colorado. Since then the founders have been growing affordable, premium quality cannabis licensed by the State of Colorado with the passing of Amendment 20 of the Colorado State Constitution. Green Tree strives to offer a consistently effective experience in an inviting atmosphere.

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Green Tree Mission

At Green Tree our mission is to provide top-quality nature’s medicine while focusing on each unique patient need. We strive for consistency, purity, and strength in everything we produce and always back our products.

Get your Med Card

Colorado State Law requires a bona fide patient-doctor relationship in order to recommend a person be registered as a Colorado Medical Marijuana patient. We at Green Tree will happily refer you to independent local doctors that provide recommendations and are available to answer questions about the process.

Cost to acquire your Red Card

  • Doctor visits range from $50-$150
  • The state registration fee is $15

Primary Caregiver Membership

Medical Marijuana Colorado“Primary care-giver” is defined as a person, other than the patient and the patient’s physician, who is eighteen years of age or older and has significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a patient who has a debilitating medical condition. If a patient so chooses, they may choose to select one primary caregiver (either an individual or a Medical Marijuana Center) who may legally grow, posses, and distribute to the patient marijuana as is medically necessary.


Quantity Discounts
Quantity Discounts
We are happy to offer ounces starting as low as $144 and grams starting at $8 tax included!
New on the shelf: Infused Bud
New on the shelf: Infused Bud

Strain specific joints ranging from $3.50 to 10. Also offering joints infused with specialty kief. Top-shelf flower also available infused in bud form...CHECK OUT ALL OUR SPECIALS!