Top Quality Cannabis Center

We provide organic medical grade Cannabis to Colorado Medical Patients and Recreational users across the front range. FIND OUT MORE!

Freshly cured, perfectly aged Cannabis

Our carefully selected strains offer benefits for anxiety, pain, insomnia and more. Choose from our perfectly ripened and cured flower options. FIND OUT MORE!

Concentrated forms of Cannabis

Hashish comes in a variety of concentrated forms. At Green Tree we specialize in Water extraction, BHO extraction, C02 extraction, and Solvent based extracts. FIND OUT MORE!

Specialty Menu Items

Our delicious Caviar, Blackberries, & Goldengrams are a unique mixture of flower, hash oil, and concentrated forms of cannabis creating a strong chronic effect.

Daily Specials

Monday- Buy 3 Get 1 Free on all edibles, Tuesday- 15% off all concentrates, Wednesday- 8 gram quarters, Thursday- Free ¼ gram of wax with a purchase, Friday- Free doobie Day, Saturday- 4 gram eighths, Sunday- 10% off clones FIND OUT MORE!


Quantity Discounts
Quantity Discounts
We are happy to offer ounces starting as low as $144 and grams starting at $8 tax included!
New on the shelf: Infused Bud
New on the shelf: Infused Bud

Strain specific joints ranging from $3.50 to 10. Also offering joints infused with specialty kief. Top-shelf flower also available infused in bud form...CHECK OUT ALL OUR SPECIALS!